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Looking down San Francisco from east of Mission district
toward west, notice the east-westward parallel streets.

Bay Bridge, San Francisco piers on top and Treasure Island
on lower right.

Left bank on E27 just outskirt Martigny toward Great St. Bernard.

Ice cold wind force me rubbed my nose and ears every minute.

Lac des Toules, facing north.

Easel set up, ready to paint. The time is 1:35 pm.

Fortunately, I was using oil paint, for wartercolor, it will be
frozen! 1:55 pm.

If not due to my fingers were frozen in every five
minutes(even with gloves), I will finished more by now. 2:45 pm.

Hey, if not because I promised I will paint Great St. Bernard,
I would have enjoy a hot tea or warm soup in hotel room by now,
this is insane, I am out of here! Time 3:20 pm.